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SS400 Steel Plates for General Structure

JIS 3101 SS-400, known as SS400, in the ASME Code Section II-A & JIS specifications of steel plates for general structure included in the category of SA-36. In JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) "SS" stands for structural steel and 400 grade which is similar to AISI 1018. SS400 is one of the most commonly used hot rolled general structural steel. Typical carbon steel materials, they are very cheap, excelling in weldability & machinability and they can be subjected to various heat treatments.

Equivalents SS400
DIN 17100, ST 44-2, ASTM A36, ASTM A283 Grade D, EN S275/ BS 43A, AISI 1018, AS 1594-HU300

Supplied as plates, sheets, flats, bars, sections etc.
Thickness: 1.2 mm - 100 mm
Size: 4' x 8', 5' x 20' , 6' x 20'

Tabel Ukuran dan Berat Plat SS400

ProductTebal (mm) PxL (feet) Berat (Kg)
Plat SS4001.24x8 =28
Plat SS4001.354x8 =31.5
Plat SS4001.44x8 =33
Plat SS4001.54x8 =35
Plat SS4001.64x8 =37.5
Plat SS4001.84x8 =42
Plat SS4001.94x8 =45
Plat SS40024x8 =46.7
Plat SS4002.14x8 =49
Plat SS4002.34x8 =54
Plat SS4002.54x8 =58.3
Plat SS4002.64x8 =60.7
Plat SS4002.84x8 =65.3
Plat SS4002.94x8 =67.7
Plat SS40034x8 =70
Plat SS4003.24x8 =74.7
Plat SS4003.64x8 =84
Plat SS4003.84x8 =88.7
Plat SS40044x8 =93.32
Plat SS4004.54x8 =105
Plat SS4004.84x8 =112
Plat SS40054x8 =117
Plat SS4005.84x8 =135.32
Plat SS40064x8 =140
Plat SS40084x8 =187
Plat SS40094x8 =210
Plat SS400104x8 =233.3
Plat SS400114x8 =256.62
Plat SS400124x8 =280
Plat SS400134x8 =303.3
Plat SS400144x8 =326.62
Plat SS400154x8 =350
Plat SS400164x8 =373
Plat SS400184x8 =420
Plat SS400194x8 =443.3
Plat SS400204x8 =467
Plat SS400214x8 =490
Plat SS400224x8 =513.3
Plat SS400244x8 =560
Plat SS400254x8 =583.3
Plat SS400284x8 =653.24
Plat SS400304x8 =700
Plat SS400314x8 =723.3
Plat SS400324x8 =747
Plat SS400384x8 =887
Plat SS400404x8 =933.2
Plat SS400424x8 =980
Plat SS400454x8 =1050
Plat SS400504x8 =1167
Plat SS400654x8 =1516.5
Plat SS400754x8 =1750
Plat SS400804x8 =1870
Plat SS400854x8 =1983.1
Plat SS400904x8 =2100
Plat SS4001004x8 =2333

Chemical Composition
As per JIS G 3101, Carbon (C), Silicon (Si) and Manganese (Mn) content are not controlled. Phosphorus (P) 0.05% Max and Sulphur (S) 0.05% Max have to controlled below these levels.

Mechanical Properties
Density (kg/m3) : 7860
Young’s Modulus (GPa) : 190-210
Tensile Strength (MPa) : 400 – 510 MPa
Yield Strength (MPa) : 205-245 MPa
Poisson's ratio : 0.26

Brinell Hardness (HB) 160

Melting Point
Melting point of SS400 is 1430 Degree Celsius

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